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#7, Press Releases
Posted by Mame on Jun-04-03 at 05:13 PM
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To: Ritual Abuse Survivors - Please share with others!
From: Mr. Light & Associates
Date: May 15, 2000
Re: Jon Benet Ramsey Case

Last week Linda and I went to Boulder, Colorado to serve as victim advocates on behalf of a ritual abuse survivor. On Wednesday, May 10th, this young woman was interviewed by the Boulder Police Department for a second time. She gave investigators information describing generational abuse patterns in families near to the high profile Jon Benet Ramsey case. We found her to be very credible and her story consistent with that of other ritual abuse survivors.

While we were there to offer Nancy emotional support, Linda and I also took the time to speak with agencies and investigators. By giving them some basic education on ritual abuse, we attempted to ease the path for this brave woman and increase agency understanding of the information she shared. It was an honor to be there on her behalf.

The following is a message that Nancy would like to share with other

"I needed to be a voice for a little girl who had none. I had to leave everything behind, but I was very empowered by those who reached out to help me. There were people who listened to me and believed me. I wish I could thank them individually. I also felt the strength of other people's prayers and support. We do have a voice. I haven't overcome my fear, I've pushed through it. It has been very frightening, but as more of us come forward, we will gain more credibility. If we can break the silence, we can break the cycle."


Mr. Light & Associates
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Jeanne Adams / victim advocate / criminologist and founder of Mr. Light & Associates along with Linda Redd / advocate and criminologist, accompanied the Mystery Witness to her final interview with Boulder Police Department on Wednesday, May 10, 2000.

Jeanne Adams states that having worked as an Executive Director and victim advocate for a national crime victims organization, she saw a great need to bring awareness to the judicial system and other agencies who come in contact with Ritual Abuse survivors. Her firm specializes in Conference Presentations on Satanic Ritual Abuse / Ritual Abuse as well as Case Consultation and Survivor Advocacy.

States Jeanne Adams of Mr. Light & Associates, “We appreciate the courtesy demonstrated by the Boulder Police Department in their second interview with the Mystery Witness. Ritual Abuse claims are particularly difficult for investigative agencies to explore. Such cases present tremendous obstacles and include the controversy that questions the existence of Ritual Abuse itself.”

Jeanne Adams states, “Linda Redd and I met with the Mystery Witness, reviewed her information and listened to her account of her childhood abuse. We found her to be very credible and her story consistent with accounts we have heard from other Ritual Abuse survivors. She has given investigators an historical trail suggesting generational child abuse patterns in families near to the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case. These patterns include child sexual abuse, the use of stun guns and asphyxiation to induce trauma and dissociation in children. ”