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#46, Jayelles
Posted by Smokey on Jun-06-03 at 12:30 PM
In response to message #40
You asked about John Ramsey, and all I can say is that some things Nancy said suggest that her timeline of events concerning "Uncle Johnny" doesn't square with what we know as far as John Ramsey's work and location history. She may have documentation proving a connection with John Ramsey in her past, but that didn't come out in her interviews. "Uncle Johnny" was one of her abusers - whether he is the same man we know as John Ramsey, I don't know.

However, I found her connection to the White family compelling and believeable, because she had documention showing a close and somewhat unusual relationship that spanned three generations.

Whatever hope existed of finding evidence to support her allegations of abuse evaporated after the BPD made a "courtesy call" two weeks in advance of their visit to certain family members.

There is no question she suffered a severe assault
immediately prior to coming to Boulder, brought on by her family's suspicion she would be contacting the BPD. It was documented at the hospital where she was treated, and it was not self-inflicted.