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#44, MediaWatcher
Posted by Jayelles on Jun-06-03 at 12:26 PM
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>>Mame can address this herself, but if you had followed this story, you would have seen Mame post many times that she has no idea who killed JBR, and only wishes for justice to be served....regardless of where is falls. I have never seen her post that the Rams are innocent, etc., so you have a false understanding.

Thank you for answering. I thought that Mame supported the Ramseys nowadays after reading numerous posts similar to this (from Purg):-

From: mame (TESS44) Dec-28 6:34 pm
To: FORMERNYGIRL (157 of 627)

540.157 in reply to 540.155

I honestly don't have a theory. As I've studied the evidence and the media fueled "facts" that we've come to believe I am less and less convinced the Ramseys killed their kid. I have many reasons for that. I agree their behavior is suspect, but fortunately we don't convict people ont their behavior. Hatred isn't either.

I'm sure some people will understand why I find it confusing to reconcile support for the Ramseys with support for the person accusing John Ramsey of sexual abuse!