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#32, Conspiracy?
Posted by Mame on Jun-06-03 at 11:15 AM
In response to message #30
LAST EDITED ON Jun-06-03 AT 11:18 AM (EST)
I'd look elsewhere for a conspiracy. FedoraX in a recent post suggests she has seen the videos of the NK interviews with the BPD. That's quite interesting since Nancy and even Judge Montgomery have NOT been provided with, or given an opportunity to see the videos! They were NOT released to Fleet White or the public. Talk about unscrupulous!!!

Interestingly, Fedora claims, "There's a glitch on one of them that wiped out some content, but most of it is intact."

A glitch? No surprise. A recent release of some public documents also states that the 14 photographs taken of Nancy's injuries by the BPD were mysteriously, "damaged".

Fedora and others seem to be walking on thin legal and criminal ice. I'm confident Fedora and others are gonna have some splainin' to do! Does this spell CONSPIRACY?