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#14, RE: the million dollar question
Posted by jameson on Jun-05-03 at 02:35 PM
In response to message #13
Is NK suing?

She may be - - the lawyers might be happy to be a part of developing Internet laws..... quite the wild west out here.

Do I think she will? You know, at first I thought not but now I think - - why not? I mean she can't have any secrets that she thinks are too horrible to say in public - - nothing can be worse than what we have already seen.

I don't see where Nancy has anything to lose by suing some of the posters.

Then again, I don't think she has much to gain - - what did she lose?

Having said all that..... Internet law is new - - ifanyone can gain here it is the lawyers whose names will be in the lawbooks when new standards are set - - oh - - to have their case cited again and again in the future - - - what a boost to the ego, huh?