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#9, RE: Cocaine connection?
Posted by jameson on May-22-03 at 06:30 PM
In response to message #2
>It's disturbing to hear that the Ramsey's took cocaine at
>the White's party. I don't believe it. If I did, I'd had to
>think that they killed her sister under the influence of the

Who is saying the Ramseys used cocaine at the party? There is no evidence of that - - and if you are talking about some report made by Nancy Krebs, I hope you don't think anyone is going to take that seriously - - she wasn't there and would have no way of knowing what was going on that night. She has her guess, her theory - - her story - - and that is questionable.

(Mame - I am not going to speak for the investigators except to say this - - if they had the evidence supporting Nancy's claims, we would have seen a lot more action there long ago. She may have some things right but there is a LOT missing.)