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#5, RE: Cocaine connection?
Posted by jameson on May-22-03 at 06:24 PM
In response to message #1
Candy claims she has spoken on the phone to "Doc" Miller - says he denies what Jann is posting. When I read that, it struck me - - why would anyone call him "doc" - - he was a lawyer!

Nevermind - - probably nothing.

She said she emailed Frank Coffman and he offers another explanation for the conversation Jann reported - said he thinks Jann Scott "is referring to an incident where he (Coffman) told Judith to be wary of Jann Scott."

All three of them are interesting Boulder "characters" in my mind. Do I believe what they say? I don't know - - - I am on the fence - - as is my right.

I would note one other thing - - - elsewhere it is being noted that they may have been tested for drugs - - I doubt it - - if they submitted a mouth swab for DNA testing, thatis all they would have done. No reason to test for drugs since none were found at the crime scene.