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#15, Poor, poor Whites
Posted by F-e on May-22-03 at 07:41 PM
In response to message #12
I do have some compassion for Fleet White and his immediate family concerning them being dragged into the spotlight. I don't believe one minute the Ramseys themselves as a couple would involve their children in sex and drug parties.

I know from a first hand witness of the senior White (old man White not Jr.)that SEX was part of his parties. Big time.

The problem of drugs and sex extends out into many persons lives. The issue of Fleet White comes to importance in the Ramsey association. The SEX and DRUGS is not limited to the main players, but to the extended family members and friends.

Krebs has offered up a view into the White's households decades old and it suggests problems that may have found there way to the Ramsey house. Nothing more. A younger family member looking for a get quick rich scheme. Or a younger member who has been influenced by other schemers.