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#0, Cocaine connection?
Posted by jameson on May-22-03 at 06:02 PM
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May-22-03, 10:02 AM (EST)

50. "RE: Interesting thread"
In response to message #34

I Interviewed Judith Phillips and Tom Miller twice. I had Judith Miller on my TV show with her photo
exhibit shortly after the Murder. She said she loved JonBenet and loved taking picturesof her. She did
not say that about Patsey...........infact they were estranged.....I didn't push it.
I again ran into both of them at the grand Jury on the day they returned from Peru. They were high
and told me about their drug deal when frank Coffman tried to get them away from me....knowing I
would talk about it....which i have repeated ly...........and there is more...........CBI was trying to bust
the Millers on drug dealing and had followed them to peru.......but missed em? This was told repeatedly
by the agent in charge....who purchased copies of my shows where the Miller and Phillips
appear.....they are not out of the loop

What I say here on this forum, on TV or in my column has been told directly to me by law
enforcement, the person or a witness.