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#0, Brian Scott
Posted by Kaboodle on Nov-22-02 at 10:13 AM

Here's an excerpt from Brian Scott, the Rams landscaper, from Perfect Murder, Perfect Town:

In early December of '96, I was raking the blanket of leaves under a maple, getting the probperty
ready for winter.
"Don't pick the leaves up, please," JonBenet begged me. "Leave them for me to play with."
Well, I'm thinking, no way. My job is to pick them up, and that's what I'm going to do.
"Last year my dad and I did that."
And then she said quietly; "I really miss him. I wish he was around more."
"Where does he go?"
"I don't know, but sometimes he goes away for a long time."
"You really miss him?" I asked.
"Yeah, I really miss him a lot."
Then she started to cry, tears rolling down her cheeks.

I don't know about anyone else, but this passage from the book gives me a sense that there was
something going on while daddy was away. JonBenet not only missed her dad, but I think she was
relaying a message. I wonder who felt comfortable enough to help themselves to JonBenet while John
was away on business trips? I can think of only one person. He knows who he is.

Jameson, the Paugh family was known for using the phrase about "good southern common sense".
Oliva wasn't smart enough to write enough about the Ramseys, even if he did know a few little details.

The person who killed JonBenet is an evil genius. Make no mistake that he will go the long haul with his
secret. He may act like a nut, but he's no fool. He's a master planner and manipulator. He used various
sources to set up the perfect murder.

One more thing. It's sickening to realize that an old man thought a six year old girl was coming on to
him several months before her murder. That is what is utterly disgusting.